Samuel Malachowski

Armed Security, Security and Investigations

I’m Samuel Malachowski, and I’m working on my education and gaining work experience.

Samuel Malachowski's Bio:

I enjoy training people, and being a leader, as well as pushing my boundaries, and getting better at what I do. I have a few years of experience managing in the quick-service industry, and now working in security. I am looking to build my resume and further my education as I acquire real-world experience in my field. Samuel Malachowski

Samuel Malachowski's Experience:

  • Armed Security Officer at Allied Universal

    As a Security professional, my tasks are to control access, perform vehicle, personnel, and material searches, provide physical security, and perform function checks on security systems. I perform several volunteer duties, such as On The Job Training and Technical Performance Evaluation (OJT/TPE), Site Adervsary, and Rope Rescue.

Samuel Malachowski's Education:

  • Southern New Hampshire Universtiy

    Bachelor of Business Administration
    Concentration: Human Resources

Samuel Malachowski's Interests & Activities:

Samuel Malachowski's interests include Academic and Personal growth, technology, and philosophy. His hobbies include exercise, reading, and spending time with friends and family.